Warehousing / Pick & Pack

Our state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot facility includes:

  • 100% radio frequency pick operations
  • Barcoding of all received skids/cartons and subsequent automated barcode tracking throughout the facility
  • Narrow warehouse aisles with wire-guided forklift equipment
  • 15,000 physical storage locations
  • Climate-controlled, high-security storage
  • More than 25 security cameras tracking all movement

Pick and Pack

Our integrated, automated warehouse systems enable Diamond to provide state-of-the-art pick and pack services with real-time tracking of all items, worker activity, project performance, and package shipping. All of our pickers use handheld scanners that direct them to the next order and item to be picked, locate additional quantities of an item for replenishment, and review the status of an existing order.

Our warehouse computers are linked to our order processing system to provide 100% accuracy and real-time shipping information, including shipping method, account numbers, and “ship from” aliases. Once shipped, the tracking numbers, weights, amounts, and date fields are immediately transferred to our order processing system for real-time online tracking. 

Warehouse personnel can easily review item activity to determine fast-moving and slower-moving items, enabling warehouse personnel to move inventory to locations for more efficient picking. Warehouse utilization reports, total item availability reports, item allocation reports, and other types of information are also available.

For bulk mailings, distribution lists are generated from the order processing system, and shipping labels are printed in batches for quick and easy processing. All tracking data is handled the same way as individual orders so that easy online tracking is immediately available.