Smarter production strategy reduces costs by 15%

Gateway Marketing Agency partnered with Diamond to help mail an ongoing program for a large financial client.

Client Challenge

The program consisted of multiple versions with varying quantities, ranging from 10,000 to 500,000 pieces. Material was printed roll-to-roll, laser-imaged and mailed. Imaging consisted of an address and variable branch locations. The challenge was to come up with a more cost effective way to produce the smaller quantities.


Diamond Communication Solution recommended that the smaller quantities print sheet fed instead of web. Because of the type of stock that was used, we decided that it would be best to image the mail using our state-of-the-art MCS inkjet system, as opposed to laser imaging.


Without sacrificing print quality, we were able produce the mail faster, which allowed for greater flexibility in scheduling. A project that would have taken 5 days to laser now only took 3 days on the inkjet. On top of that, the client saved 15% on the mailing production costs.

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