RCM service provider breaks cookie-cutter mold with flexible statement solutions from DHC

This major revenue cycle management (RCM) service provider supplies printed statements and other accounts receivable functions to hundreds of individual physician groups, clinics, and hospitals via a national network of individual facilities.

Client Challenge

To offer more flexible and individualized RCM services to their providers, our customer was looking to implement a new statement printing process that would allow additional statement formats, including account-based or guarantor-based options, while still keeping all of the data in one file. In addition, to improve the patient experience, they wanted to be able to present the printed statements through an online portal.

For Diamond Healthcare Communications, the challenge was to create a solution that enables statement variability but still maintains the data in a single aggregate framework to keep production processing simple and efficient.


Diamond Healthcare Communications collaborated with the RCM service provider to create a variety of statement designs to be offered to their providers. Once the formats were conceptualized, we determined the exact data needs for each of the designs and built data conversion routines that would cover all of them. Using data specifications provided by DHC, the RCM service provider created a graphical user interface that not only let its existing providers make specific modifications to their statements, but also enabled new providers to create a statement layout within hours of onboarding.

DHC developed an aggregation function whereby a single master data file could be broken up into multiple individual facilities. The new aggregation functionality allowed our customer to maintain single-platform production efficiencies while end users enjoyed additional functionality, such as the ability to add customers without manual intervention. DHC was also able to create and return all images in a standard format for daily uploading to the patient portal.

Offering statement choices and flexibility allows each of our RCM customer’s providers to break the cookie-cutter mold with a solution that better serves their end users while maintaining single-platform production efficiencies. By providing individualized patient communications, the solution has helped to improve the patient experience and increase patient satisfaction for healthcare providers.

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