Print-on-demand website for retailers give crystal maker a clear advantage

Swarovski is an international designer and marketer of crystal jewelry and collectibles, selling primarily through independent retail stores. Since many of their products are given as gifts, a significant percentage of the firm’s annual revenue is dependent on retail sales during the holiday season. To support their retailers, the company prints and distributes an annual catalog for stores to use in promoting their Swarovski lines.

Client Challenge

Retail participation in the catalog program was eroding due to the rising cost of shipping the catalogs to the stores and a lack of program flexibility. The retailers wanted a customized catalog at a good price, while Swarovski wanted to produce and deliver the catalogs cost-effectively and to simplify the collection of co-op fees from the stores.


Diamond Communication Solution designed and hosted a customized website that allowed retailers to order print-on-demand catalogs with customized messages and upload their logos for custom imprinting. Shopping-cart ordering made the process simple, and stores could choose to have their catalogs shipped to them or they could upload their mailing lists to have catalogs mailed directly to their customers. Retailers used one easy credit card transaction to pay “upfront” for the catalogs, customization, shipping, mailing services and postage, simplifying fee collection for Swarovski.

Sparkling Results

Retailer participation in the holiday program increased 25% from the previous year. Over 1,200,000 customized pieces were created and distributed, with savings realized on postage per piece, shipping and freight costs. The entire process was simplified for both Swarovski and retailers, and the program contributed to a dramatic boost in holiday sales.

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