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Use Move Update or Risk Receiving Penalties

By: Silvana Novicic, Manager of Postal Affairs and Commingling, Diamond Communication Solutions

With the USPS ready to impose penalties, getting your mail delivered to an accurate ad­dress is an issue on everyone’s mind these days. Full-Service Assessment fees will begin in November 2016 for mailings performed in October. The USPS wants to reduce Unde­liverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail to improve efficiency and decrease waste in delivering mail, and mailers want to make sure that their transactional and promotional mail is getting to the designated recipient. One way that both the USPS and mailers can reduce UAA mail and improve overall mail piece delivery is through the Move Update.

What is Move Update? Move Update reduces the quantity of mail pieces that require forwarding or return by periodically matching a mailer’s address records to the change-of-address orders received and maintained by the USPS.

Not only is Move Update helpful in saving you money, but it is required. The USPS mandates that Move Update be performed within 95 days of your mail date if you are claiming presorted or automated First-Class and Standard-Class rates. The requirement is met when the address used for any class of mail is updated with an approved USPS method.

The USPS supports three approved methods for Move Update: National Change-of-Address Link­age System (NCOALink), Address Change Ser­vice (ACS), and select Ancillary Service Endorse­ments. Under special circumstances and only when preapproved, the USPS will sometimes offer alternate methods for First-Class mailers that are restricted from updating addresses.

The USPS collects data throughout each month and generates a Mailer Scorecard for all Full-Service Mail Service Providers. The Mailer Scorecard measures a number of factors, including mail category, postage paid, and pieces mailed by mail class. It also captures and reports on compliance errors involving Move Update. Calculated and compared against the established USPS thresholds, these errors are subject to assessment fees.

Although the USPS will bill assessment fees directly to the Mail Service Provider, some of them, such as those related to Move Update, may be the responsibility of the list owner and therefore billable back to the customer.

In addition to performing Move Update on your list prior to mailing, you may also want to consider using Full-Service ACS. Diamond includes a Service Type ID (STID) within the Intelligent Mail Barcode that dictates to the USPS which ACS service you would like to use. Your Diamond account representative would then work with you to take the appropriate steps for your mail tracking and ACS data to be available to you through DiamondViewSM, our proprietary platform. This will allow you access to undeliverable and forwarded addresses identified in the mail stream so you can update your database before your future mailings go out.

Together, we can avoid USPS Full-Service Assessment fees and improve the deliverability of your mail pieces. For more information, please contact your account representative.