Our management team is steeped in industry experience, committed to excellence, and active in the business every day.

Greg Waite Louis Sedivy Mark Helland Michael Nevolo
Greg Waite
Louis J. Sedivy, IV
Executive Vice President/CFO
Mark Helland
Executive Vice President/CIO
Michael Nevolo
Executive Vice President,  Corporate Sales & Marketing
Cyndi Greenglass Jim Renella Dawn Mellas Jim Ransel
Cyndi Greenglass
Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions
Jim Renella
Senior Vice President Special Projects
Dawn Mellas
Senior Vice President-Chicago Operations
Jim Ransel
Senior Vice President
Roger Pruim William Pingel Sherrie Miller
Roger Pruim
Vice President/General
William Pingel
Vice President/General Manager Council Bluffs
Sherrie Miller
Vice President, Print Production Services