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New Challenges Bring New Opportunities

This past year certainly reinforced an old adage for most of us. Within many industries, we are seeing a massive sea change toward customer engagement through multi-channel and omni-channel communications against a backdrop of increased concern over security and privacy. Regardless of whether you are involved in transactional or promotional communications, navigating these waters can offer tremendous opportunity if you stay
focused on the needs of your customers.

In December 2017, Diamond joined forces with OSG and became part of a larger family. This transaction supports our mission to be your partner of choice for technology-driven, transactional, and customer communication solutions. Now with more than 600,000 square feet of production horsepower, more than 1,000 employees, and multiple digital and omni-channel communications partners, we have never been in a better position
to meet your communication goals.

In one of our focused industries – healthcare – the landscape continues to shift. How these companies are succeeding in meeting their patient communication challenges is an interesting lesson for all of us, and it’s one that we are happy to share in our client profile story about Nebraska Medical.

Whether you are looking to improve your patient financial communications, provide omni-channel communications to your members and account holders, or acquire and retain customers with the best ROI, we have some new solutions to help you. I encourage you to check out the many service enhancements that have been highlighted in this edition of our newsletter.

Another change is that the newsletter bears a new name, Dialogue. But we maintain the same focus on learning what matters to you so we can best address your needs.

Greg Waite
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