Marketing and customer data merge to synergize credit card marketing

InfiStar is a leading provider of marketing and risk management solutions for credit card issuers, focusing on smaller, local or regional financial institutions without their own credit card infrastructure. The company began with just five client banks and credit unions, each with its own database of customers. By 2006, InfiStar’s client list had grown to over 160 banks and credit unions.

Client Challenge

As InfiStar’s client list grew, they needed to create a marketing data environment that would function efficiently no matter how many clients participated in a given mailing. The goal was to combine the client mailing lists into a single laser/lettershop template to keep each bank or credit union’s production costs down, while customizing the copy,logos and graphics for each institution.


Diamond Communication Solution created a “master” client data format that could be read into both our laser print program and a corresponding client graphic database. The spreadsheet detailed the client-specific information needed to convert previously preprinted information into variable copy. The client graphic database held each individual logo, formatted to optimum size and clarity for the mailing, as well as signatures needed for the letters and any additional graphics requested by a specific client.

Bankable Results

By using the spreadsheet and database combination, programming time was significantly decreased for each mailing. Lettershop versions were reduced dramatically and quantities of each version increased, resulting in lower production cost per piece. In addition, InfiStar was able to apply the spreadsheet and database logic to other departments within the company and achieve even more efficiency.

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