Investment firms's newsletter goes digital to deliver more timely information

Northern Trust Securities, Inc. (NTSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northern Trust Corporation and serves over 40,000 institutional and private clients with a full array of products and services, ranging from professionally managed investments to full-service consultative brokerage and directed trading. Covering the full spectrum of equity and fixed-income markets, NTSI executes trades in all major global markets and currencies. The firm keeps clients abreast of key financial information and market trends via a bi-monthly newsletter.

Client Challenge

NTSI wanted to decrease turnaround times for delivering the market-current content of their print newsletter by migrating clients to an electronic version. They also wanted to lower the expense of printing and mailing the publication by reducing and eventually eliminating the printed version.


Diamond Communication Solution developed a custom e-newsletter and companion website for NTSI. The newsletter begins as an e-mail that is delivered according to user preference (text, HTML, or web link), with lead-in copy and links to in-depth articles on topics of interest. The site allows both clients and their agents to subscribe or opt–into the publication using a web form that is designed to deliver data directly into NTSI’s e-mail subscriber list. The custom system also manages duplicate e-mail addresses and unsubscribes.

Market-Beating Results

Today, NTSI’s e-newsletter delivers market data that is more timely than ever, with a content turnaround time of less than four business days. More important, NTSI now has the ability to see who’s reading what—information that will help them create an editorial calendar that is relevant to their customers. Migrating the traditional printed publication to electronic format saves up to 15 days in production and delivery time— not to mention ink, paper, printing and postage savings.

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