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Introducing Diamond Patient E-Notification

By Karyn Sacker, Senior Program Manager

Now our healthcare customers can ensure that their statements are delivered to patients in the fastest possible manner using Diamond e-notification. On the same day that customers transmit their files, e-notification enables them to inform patients via email and/or SMS text that their statement is ready for viewing. Both email and SMS text notifications link directly to a provider’s patient portal, or a third-party payment portal. Once in the portal, patients can both view their statements and make a payment.

The solution also provides flexible options for storing images to display. Customers can choose to receive a cold feed of images to host in their own repository, or let Diamond store the images for them – allowing for easy, near real-time retrieval via a web service.

Even if delivery fails on e-notification, customers can still be sure that their messages will be received by their patients. If the e-notification is undeliverable, our configuration will convert the document to print and, in most cases, mail it by the next day.

SMS Text Options

When customers opt to communicate using SMS text messaging, they need to decide whether to use a shared orHealthcare Collage dedicated short code. Diamond’s e-notification solution supports both, but timing and costs differ between the two. Our team helps customers decide which solution is best for their needs.

Email Options

Diamond also offers the ability to send notifications via email. We monitor emails for bounces, undeliverables, opt-outs, and unsubscribes. The responses are gathered for a configurable period of time, and provided to customers in standard file format. Customers can see daily reports for what was electronically deployed and which documents, if any, were converted to print due to undeliverability.

To learn more about these services, please contact your account representative.