Deliver Better Experiences

Customer complaints lead to defection which can impact your bottom line.

Making your communications easy to read and easy to understand leads directly to improved satisfaction. And studies have shown that improved customer satisfaction leads to increased revenues.  We partner with companies in the financial, insurance, healthcare, and communications industries to deliver highly personalized, data driven critical documents that improve the consumer and member experience which leads directly to improved satisfaction.

Designing statements, bills, compliance and critical documents that contain sensitive data is our specialty. Delivering 100% accurate data with the use of graphics and color makes it easier for customers to understand the information delivered, which can lead to quicker payments and fewer costly contacts to your call centers.

By combining advanced targeting and segmentation with personalized and relevant messaging, Diamond can recognize a customer’s channel and media preferences. This allows you to provide a targeting message in the media that they want – whether online or printed. Bu providing digital solutions across all of your communications, Diamond can decrease waste and give a positive impression of your company in the marketplace.

By quickly fulfilling requests for information, products, samples and literature, we help our clients reach and maintain their highest levels of customer service.  Whether you are sending information to a sales force, your association or credit union members, or consumers, your fulfillment in completely automated for fast response.