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Patients Matter at DHC

By: Paula Kudlinski, Vice President of Business Solutions, Diamond Healthcare Communications

At Diamond Healthcare Communications (DHC), we provide patient-focused custom statement solutions that boost provider productivity, reduce costs, and improve A/R. Using our “Diamond Successful” statements, our providers also improve their patients’ satisfaction by more effectively communicating their financial obligation and payment options.

Diamond Successful statements are designed using a combination of art and science, creating a personalized communication regardless of the format or channel. Our technology allows highly sophisticated programming that creates variable, full-color printed (or companion digital) statements that can have embedded messaging and graphics. By using our Visual Attention Analysis system, we also create targeted messaging and easy-to-understand statements that are designed to get providers paid.

DHC is a leader in the patient communication industry, presenting provider-preferred statements that

follow the HFMA guidelines. We focus on delivering information that not only is meaningful to patients, but will also motivate them to act. To do this, we focus on these critical questions that patients ask:

  • Did I have these services at this provider?
  • Are these my charges?
  • How much am I responsible for?
  • How do I make my payment?

Answering these questions ensures that patients have confidence in the information provided and in paying their obligations. This ultimately leads to patients having improved post-visit experiences with their provider.

We invite you to visit our new website, diamondhcc.com, where you’ll find information about our award-winning patient communications, e-notification delivery, mail tracking, our DiamondViewSM web portal, and more.

And while you are there, be sure to view our video explaining how we create and deliver these effective communications to healthcare and revenue cycle management providers.

We hope that you will be delighted with Diamond Healthcare Communications and how we keep our promise to make patients matter.

To learn more about Diamond Healthcare Communications, visit diamondhcc.com or contact your account representative.