Gaming firm plays its cards right with new database strategy

One of the nation’s largest gaming companies operates dozens of casinos across the U.S. Each property has a separate marketing staff that develops unique programs to support the club loyalty program, as well as property promotions and events.

Client Challenge

While empowering for the individual casino managers, the company’s decentralized marketing approach made it difficult to control the consistency of its brand, leverage economies of scale and take advantage of database marketing synergies.


Diamond Communication Solution met with each of the properties to share and highlight the
similarities of their efforts and establish a dialog among the staff. We then helped each
property develop a standardized data matrix and output program to fit its unique needs.
Incoming data and matrices from multiple properties all shared the same characteristics,
which allowed us to standardize programming and automatically generate reports that
fit the individual needs of all properties.

High-Rolling Results

Efficiency was the big winner in this case. Processing time was decreased by 25%, and programming
costs decreased by an average of 15% for each of the properties. The corporation realized its goals of
maintaining brand consistency and controlling costs while still allowing individual properties the autonomy
to manage their own marketing programs.

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