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Recycling for a Greener Tomorrow

By Bob Otis, National Sales

We are constantly looking to improve our recycling programs and do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. Across our facilities, the materials we recycle include paper, skids, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, plastics, ink toner, and ink bottles.

At our facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa, we reduced landfi ll waste by over a million pounds in 2017 through standard recycling efforts! The Council Bluff s team took recycling to the next level through a partnership with First Star Recycling and the Hefty® EnergyBagTM Program. The program aims to divert hard-to-recycle plastics out of the waste stream. Instead of ending up in a landfi ll, many previously discarded items, such as candy wrappers, potato chip bags, and other soft plastics, are collected in bright orange Hefty® EnergyBagsTM and converted to energy to make cement.

We have installed a collection kiosk in the break room and encouraged our employees to use the bags for the previously non-recyclable materials they generate both at work and at home. First Star Recycling then picks them up and recycles the product.

At our Carol Stream facility, recycling includes skids, eight major grades of paper, corrugated boxes, plastic (skid) wrap, plastic straps, ink toner, and ink bottles. It is typical to see two truckloads of paper products being recycled each week, and a truckload of skids gets recycled every three weeks.

We are proud to do our part to recycle and reduce our impact on the environment.