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Diamond Expands Its Reach

Each new year presents the opportunity for growth and change, but 2018 looks particularly promising on both OSG Logofronts. Since we announced the acquisition of Diamond by OSG Billing Services at the end of last year, we’ve already seen the new possibilities this presents. As President, Greg Waite told Dialogue: “This acquisition is a significant step forward for us. It enables our two companies to combine our technologies and expertise to provide added value to our customers and offer enhanced products to the marketplace.”

Though its roots are in transactional communication, OSG saw where customers were headed. Realizing an evolution was happening, it reimagined business to go beyond the bill and began building a data-driven, omni-channel customer engagement model inclusive of transactional and marketing solutions. OSG’s marketing arm now consists of a cutting-edge email marketing company, a creative agency, an online marketing company, and a lead generation company. These entities dovetail with OSG’s core mission: to consider the customer experience in a more integrated way, and to reach customers at the right time, with the right message, and through the right technology.

Joining forces allows Diamond to benefit from this transactional and marketing expertise. One great example is OSG’s digital solution, which includes a mobile app, IVR, electronic bill presentment, and payment offerings. We will have the ability to make these available to our customers, patients, and members.

With the acquisition, we will be able to expand our reach beyond our traditional markets into communications, media, utilities/municipalities, government, property management and collections. Not only that, but we can also improve our credit union and healthcare offerings by borrowing best practices from OSG.

Being a stronger and more robust company will further strengthen our position as a leader in the financial and healthcare industries and increase our already significant marketplace footprint. We now offer nine production facilities strategically located across the country.

We’re excited to be on a new path that fosters growth for Diamond as an individual company, and as part of a thriving network.