Much has changed in Healthcare over the past 2 year since the ACA, including electronic patient records. But what has been very slow to catch on is the electronic presentment of patient obligation communications. A #bigideas2016 will be the increasing adoption of electronic presentment of patient bills and statements tied to online bill pay. As more of the obligation for hospital and provider payment is being pushed down to the patient, providers are absorbing increasing amounts of financial risk. To help mitigate this risk, providing faster communications on what a patient owes in a friendly and readable manner that combines with an online payment vehicle will improve collections and reduce the financial burden to providers. To accomplish this, the healthcare providers need to adapt quickly and embrace what we as consumers (and patients) expect:

1. A patient friendly and understandable transaction communication

2. An easy to access and use online payment portal

3. Robust integration of transactional details (your services and what you owe) with wellness and marketing messaging known as transpormotional communications

Companies who offer the combination of robust technology solutions with data driven communications will be well positioned to ride this wave in 2016.