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Keep the data rolling for precision communications

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on November 16, 2018 in General Info, Targeting & Segmentation

The term “data-driven” is becoming increasingly ubiquitous across industries, and with good reason. All marketing should be data-driven. Creating targeted messages that reflect and anticipate the needs of your customers is crucial – when contact is frequent, the messages need to be timely and relevant.

For example, new customers have different needs than longstanding loyal ones. … Read More >

Cyndi Greenglass

How Marketing Automation Creates Sales

In Business-to-Business marketing, you are often dealing with long sales cycles and complex products that require multiple decision makers to be involved. In addition, almost all B2B marketing strategies include a sales funnel that supports moving contacts and prospects through a buying cycle from awareness to close. There are many kinds of buying processes, and … Read More >

Cyndi Greenglass

Move over Millennials – Here Comes the Plurals

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on November 19, 2014 in Targeting & Segmentation

by Cyndi W. Greenglass, Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions

In 2014, the last Millennial turns 18 and will graduate from high school. It’s a significant milestone for the largest and most influential adult population in America’s history. Right below the Millennials is the generation of those 17 and younger, which has been dubbed the “Pluralist … Read More >