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Meet the Sandra Bullock of Diamond Communication Solutions – Virginia Canavan

Posted by Cecylia Cackowski on April 18, 2019 in General Info

From finding new clients to producing cutting edge solutions, Virginia’s strategic mindset and ability to actualize big picture goals makes her role at Diamond Oscar-worthy.

Describe your role at Diamond.

My role with Diamond is within the sales department. I am responsible for identifying, scoping, quoting and closing new opportunities for direct response marketing. I generally … Read More >


If You Build It, Millennials Will Come

Posted by Cecylia Cackowski on February 14, 2019 in General Info

It seems like Millennials have been analyzed and reported on more than any other generation. From their purchasing habits to their motivations, we simply can’t say enough. The omni-present question behind this on-going generational analysis seems to be: How can we capture real and significant market share of this generation? We’ve put together a list … Read More >


Does Your Credit Union Have a Business Continuity Plan?

Posted by Cecylia Cackowski on January 7, 2019 in General Info

Consider this: How someone evaluates a relationship with a business is often based upon what they don’t experience. A routine is a routine because it has no disruptions. That’s why your credit union needs a business continuity plan.

Reliable, secure document management is non-negotiable for credit unions, and there’s no excuse not to have procedures in … Read More >


The marketing potential of the transactional document

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on November 16, 2018 in General Info

With enhancements like precision communications, it’s possible to transform a bill or invoice into a more personalized vehicle to send to the customer.

But the transpromotional possibilities of the transactional document now extend beyond the document itself. It is, in fact, essential to think beyond bills and invoices, to leverage data and employ other optimized channels … Read More >


Keep the data rolling for precision communications

The term “data-driven” is becoming increasingly ubiquitous across industries, and with good reason. All marketing should be data-driven. Creating targeted messages that reflect and anticipate the needs of your customers is crucial – when contact is frequent, the messages need to be timely and relevant.

For example, new customers have different needs than longstanding loyal ones. … Read More >


Postage Rate Goes into Effect January 21, 2018

Posted by Dawn Mellas on November 27, 2017 in General Info, Postal

This fall the USPS filed a rate case for a postage increase that will go into effect on January 21, 2018. The overall increase is around 1.9% for First Class and Marketing Mail (formerly Standard), with some categories seeing a higher percentage.

Below are highlights of the approved rates.  Visit the Postal Tips and Rate … Read More >