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Cyndi Greenglass

How Marketing Automation Creates Sales

In Business-to-Business marketing, you are often dealing with long sales cycles and complex products that require multiple decision makers to be involved. In addition, almost all B2B marketing strategies include a sales funnel that supports moving contacts and prospects through a buying cycle from awareness to close. There are many kinds of buying processes, and … Read More >

Cyndi Greenglass

Healthcare Poised to Embrace Online Communications in 2016

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on December 20, 2015 in CRM, Digital Solutions, General Info

Much has changed in Healthcare over the past 2 year since the ACA, including electronic patient records. But what has been very slow to catch on is the electronic presentment of patient obligation communications. A #bigideas2016 will be the increasing adoption of electronic presentment of patient bills and statements tied to online bill pay. As … Read More >

Cecylia Cackowski

Embrace Lifecycle Marketing

Posted by Cecylia Cackowski on November 19, 2014 in Digital Solutions

by Cecylia Cackowski, Director of Digital Solutions

While communicating with customers in a consistent, automated, and relevant manner is essential in the ever-changing new age of the connected customer, many marketers just don’t know where to begin. Misinformation and myths abound regarding what is truly required to implement an automated one-to-one strategy.

This article will detail a … Read More >

Cyndi Greenglass

Preheader text is like envelope teasers – get it opened!

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on June 9, 2014 in Digital Solutions

Bad news, friends. According to Christopher Lester in Target Marketing Magazine, subscribers spend less than three to four seconds deciding whether or not to open your email.

And because up to 75 percent  of folks first read email on their mobile devices, it’s all too easy for them … Read More >

Cyndi Greenglass

Outcome KPI’s ensure that your web analytics are meaningful

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on February 3, 2014 in Digital Solutions

Avinash Kaushik tells us in his book Web Analytics 2.0 that often analysts do not get the respect that they deserve because they do not adequately measure one golden concept: outcomes (Kaushik, 2012). In fact, he believes that many of us spend so much time in the “weeds” reporting on detail data such as visits … Read More >

Cyndi Greenglass

Stanford gets Schooled on Content Marketing

Posted by Cyndi Greenglass on March 28, 2013 in CRM, Digital Solutions

Stanford gets Schooled on Content Marketing

On March 14 I participated in the Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference. During my virtual session, I shared how Stanford University’s content management strategies have increased the global particpation in their Executive Education programs, and improved the performance of push, pull and engagement communications. Some of the … Read More >