2016 Postage Rates
Posted by Dawn Mellas on December 16, 2015 in General Info, Postal

The United States Postal Service announced at the November Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meeting that there would be no price increase for market-dominant products in 2016. Market-dominant products include First Class Mail, Standard Mail, Package Services, Special Services and Periodicals. Other factors, however, come into play that could result in the rates changing.

First, the exigent surcharge is due to end in April 2016 and will result in a decrease in rates (see DMS blog posts dated 8/21/15 and 6/11/15 at www.dmsolutions.com for more information on the exigent surcharge). Second, the USPS has indicated that although there won’t be a general rate increase, it may use the time to adjust some rates, categories, and or individual rate cells to simplify rate structures, correct anomalies, or to remedy unanticipated consequences from prior rate changes.

When taking all the factors into consider there is a possibility a mailing could cost more, or less, based on how the above changes specifically impact presort, automation, destination entry, and other rate and discount opportunities. We will continue to keep you posted as additional information becomes available.

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