In This Issue:
1. Feature: BIT Acquisition
2. Client Case Study: DePaul University Digital Engagement
3. Message from our CEO: BIT Joining the Family
4. Quick Tip: Enabling Video Communication with Video
5. BIT Capabilities: Revolutionizing Statements
6. Postal Update: Two Changes in 2014
In This Issue:
1. National Cattlemen's Beefs Up Their Fulfillment
2. Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How to Navigate Customer Data and Privacy
3. Message from our CEO: Handle With Care
4. Postal Transparency: Keeping Track of Your Mail
5. Postal Update: Enhancing the Value of Mail
6. Quick Tip: We Are Industry Compliant Where It Matters
In This Issue:
1. Feature: Changing the Game, What Would Happen If a Well-Known Media Player Wasn't Getting Paid?
2. Message from Mark Peterson, CEO
3. Making Holiday Magic
4. Postal Update: Important Changes in USPS Plans for 2011
5. Quick Tips: What Is Critical Communications?
6. Capability Spotlight: Have You Ever Wondered If Your Mail Is Actually Being Delivered?